Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eliminating disease agents

In my last blog I wrote about how clean air and surfaces (especially beds and upholstery) is better for our health. This is even more true for children due to their emerging immune system and small lungs.

This last week I have been introduced to the amazing world of essential oils. Of course, like many people, I've heard about them. What grabbed my attention, leading me to purchasing one in particular, is the ancient wisdom linking health with these essential oils.

The product I purchased is a blend of several essential oils. This manufacturer calls this combination "thieves oil", named after some thieves in Spain who were able to remain healthy even though they were raiding the graves of people who had died from the black plague.

Because many of our homes have some degree of mould (we do, after all, live in a rain forest climate) sealing up our homes and offices for the sake of energy efficiency, mould and other biological contaminants can -and do- negatively affect our health. Colds, flu's, asthma, allergies, lethargy, itchy throats and eyes, and more can be symptoms of these naturally-occurring beasties. Clean air is the most important measure. Heat recovery ventilators (HRV's), especially when coupled with electronic air filters (NOT ozone filters) are wonderful. Getting outside for fresh air is cheaper! And so is using natural, high quality, essential oils. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

When it comes to living life meaningfully and healthily the air we breathe is essential. Maybe this is why they call these natural oils "essential."


Sharon said...

Ian, you mention Thieves Oil. This sounds very interesting. Can you tell us where you get it and what you are supposed to do with it. Eat it? Spray it? Sniff it?

Ian Gartshore said...

Sharon, I am glad you asked about Thieves essential oil in response to my last Blog.
Thieves oil comes in a variety of handy products, such as laundry detergent, hand cleanser, personal soap, and the actual pure oil itself. It kills virtually all germs, bacteria and mould, and leaves a very pleasant scent that is non-toxic (unlike most everything else we tend to use). The most effective way to use it for air-borne problems is to put the oil into a diffuser.

I have signed on as a representative of this company so can sell it and their other products, or you can buy directly. Their website is www.thieves-oil.com/. If you want more specific info, do contact me.